Payton & Will | Manasquan, NJ

There is something so perfect about a beautiful evening with golden hour light, at the beach, on a warm day.

When I first moved to New Jersey I lived near Princeton. I thought it was a perfect distance from my family and work. However I quickly noticed it wasn’t the right fit. My Dad always told me that if you have to live in New Jersey, you might as well live at the beach. I’ve now been at the beach for eight years, and I never plan on leaving.

beach during the peak season. Yet the best time at the beach for golden hour, when the light is just right is during September and October. At the end of September Payton, Will and I met up in Manasquan, New Jersey and the evening was perfect! I learned all about how the two met, how basically their families had been trying to get them together for quite some time and here they are two years later and SO adorable!

One of the biggest statements couples say to me is that they are awkward or don’t know how to pose and these two crushed it! They were so calm and went with the flow. Will even had some of his own ideas! Which I totally loved! Check out some of their photos below!

October 22, 2021

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