Creating a direction for your photography business

As a full time photography teacher and photographer, I have taught photography to over 1,000 individuals.  I am also a full time promoter on following your dreams! Especially your dream of becoming a photographer!

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the packages

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I grew up falling in love with taking photos, developing film in the darkroom, seeing images come to life, and telling stories of others. When I first left working in the field as a photographer, I decided to become a teacher and eventually I started my own business. In the beginning it was exhausting and at times frustrating. I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business. 

I’d spend late nights trying to edit, sending emails to clients, missing out on family events, just to build my business and get my name out there, all while trying to balance my teaching career.

If you’re the person who is just starting out, or you’ve started a business but need some direction, or even if you’ve been in the field for awhile, I am here to help! One of my biggest passions is helping others, especially helping others achieve their goals.  

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This is a great option if you’re just starting out and have some questions on photography, building your business or just need a refresher! Some topics might include shooting & editing related questions, the business end, social media, client experience, and more! 90 minute calls are all completely virtually. 

90 Minute Call

investment $300

Not sure how to pose? Looking for more direction and practice? Together we will photograph a mini couples’ session together, where we will go over shooting, posing, and conducting a session. After the mini session is complete we will review & edit images together to go over back end workflow and editing. Shoot & edit sessions last approximately 2 hours.

Shoot & Edit 

investment $500

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