How it started

Hi! I’m Brit and I am the owner of Wild Magnolia Photography LLC.  Some of you may be asking yourselves, why did she change her brand name?!?   My name hasn’t changed, I am still Brittany Bott!  However I have the answer for you and I am ready to share the story of how this came to be! 

A few months ago my boyfriend (Ryan..he’s the one in the picture above with me!) who is by far my biggest supporter (right next to my parents!) and I were having a discussion about small businesses, what our goals were and how we planned to achieve them.  We did a lot of research regarding Sole Proprietorships and  LLCs, and as a team we decided it was in my best interest to create a name that was different than my own.

Days would go by and Ryan would ask me if I came up with a name.  My answer would always be “Nope”, “I’m stuck”, “Is this the right thing to do?”.  And then one day we were in the car driving to my parents and Ryan brought it up.  This time there was no escaping! I was stuck in the car for an hour and the only way out of it was by jumping out of the car.  And that day, jumping out of a moving vehicle, was not on my to-do list!

During that hour drive to my parents we bounced ideas off of each other, I stared out the window silent for a good portion. Until he brought up how I liked traditions and I told him I didn’t like the word. Honestly, a lot of the time I shot Ryan’s ideas down, and he accepted it like a champ.  However he was on to something.  I do love traditions and it brought me to think about where do traditions stem from…from your family roots. 

Well, that was hour one and it wasn’t until the drive home that things started happening.  We were crossing over the bridge from PA into Trenton when the conversation came back up. We started talking about what has roots. Trees! Duh!  However, have you ever looked at the names of trees? Maple. Oak.  Chestnut. Pine…..nothing was working. But I do like flowers and how they are delicate. This lead into us talking about different flowers.  There is one flower that I love, yet it was missing something. As we were going through the names of flowers I realized there was one that stood out. Or as Ryan would say, is a STRONG name. It is Magnolia. 

We were settled. We had a flower. When you look up the meaning of Magnolia it symbolizes a few things , specifically eternity and long life.  Seems pretty fitting for tradition and roots of ones family.  It was then that Ryan said, “it’s still missing something.  We need an adjective.”  Looking through lists of adjectives and saying it  over and over, can really make a difference.  As we entered the last 20 minutes of our drive home,  we had it narrowed down to two adjectives.  (I won’t tell you the one we didn’t go with) but what I will tell you is that we chose Wild. And that is how Wild Magnolia Photography was named. 

February 2, 2021

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