Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know

As a photographer, there are a few things that I wish my clients knew before our photo sessions. These are small details that can make a BIG difference in the final outcome of your photos, as well as the overall shoot experience. My goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and being aware of some of the following things can really help! So, here are some things your photographer wants you to know but might not tell you!

Every shoot is different:

Each photoshoot is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Factors such as lighting, location, time of day, and weather can all play a role in how the photos turn out. Trust in your photographer’s ability to adapt to these variables and create beautiful images no matter the circumstances.

Time management is important:

It’s crucial to be on time for your photo shoot to ensure that we have enough time to capture all the shots we need. Being on time allows us to make the most of our time together and ensures that we can achieve the desired results without feeling rushed!

Trust the process:

Your photographer has a vision for the shoot and knows how to bring out the best in you. Trust their direction and guidance during the session, and be open to trying new poses and expressions. Remember, they have the experience and expertise to create stunning photos that you’ll love!

Communication is key:

Don’t hesitate to communicate your preferences, concerns, or ideas with your photographer. They want to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the photos, so open communication is essential. Let them know if there are specific shots or styles you have in mind, and they will do their best to accommodate your requests and bring your vision to life.

Patience is a virtue:

Quality editing takes time, so be patient as your photographer processes and retouches the images from your session. They want to deliver the best possible results to you, so trust that they are working diligently to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Rushing something never works in anyone’s favor!

Sometimes serious can be good:

I absolutely love candids, capturing you mid laugh is priceless and REAL. But sometimes, having a serious photo can be just as memorable and important. Having a serious pose can really elevate your photos and round out the entire shoot.

Overall, as your photographer I want you to have a positive and enjoyable experience during the photoshoot! Hopefully, remembering these things your photographer wants you to know will guarantee an incredible and memorable session! By keeping these tips in mind and being open and communicative throughout the process, you can help ensure that the photos turn out beautifully. Trust in your photographer’s expertise and let them work their magic to capture stunning images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Kind Words

RUN don’t walk to book Wild Magnolia for your photos!! Britt made this whole process so fun & easy. She was very responsive & helpful since the moment we booked her. My fiancé & I definitely aren’t comfortable in front of the camera but let me tell you she made us look like naturals! The day of our shoot I expressed I wanted to avoid having one of my tattoos in the photos. Britt went & photoshopped it out of so many photos for me before she sent us our album! I cannot recommend her enough!

April 26, 2024

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